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Metro Review of GTA San Andreas (Part One)

(Editor:Louise 8/1/2015)
9GAME believes that if you are a GTA games lover, you would not miss GTA San Andreas.
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Never mind missing UFO parts and the Mt Chiliad mural, the biggest mystery in Grand Theft Auto is why Rockstar refuses to release any of its remakes on anything other than smart devices. At first we wondered whether it was meant to be some meta joke about how unsuitable smartphones and tablets are for playing traditional video games. But no, Rockstar seem deadly serious about forcing a square peg into a round hole – and this time they’ve almost got it to fit.
Perhaps the strangest thing about all this is that if Rockstar were so interested in smart devices then surely creating a brand new game, one designed to work around the limitations of a touchscreen, would’ve been a far more sensible idea. They’ve already made bespoke games for the Game Boy Advance and DS (the sadly under-appreciated Chinatown Wars), and it’s not as if they’re short of money or resources, so limiting their efforts to HD remakes of decade old console games is genuinely bizarre.
They’re not even joint releases on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, but since this is the last of the trilogy of PlayStation 2 era games there’s no point dwelling on all that now. Especially not as this third game does have a way around the intractable touchscreen problem: actual physical controllers. San Andreas supports Made-for-Android controllers and their Android equivalents, allowing you to control the game almost exactly as if it was still on the PlayStation 2.
Of course that’s not how most people will be playing it, but using just the touchscreen there’s three new touch control schemes and contextual controls that stop your tablet from turning into a keyboard’s worth of virtual buttons.
When driving using a virtual analogue stick is probably the best of the three options and while it’s still difficult to be all that precise new checkpointing in the story missions ensures that none of them are impossible, even the ones with bikes. Combat fares even better thanks to a simple touch-based targeting system and a lot of auto-aim.
Visually the game betrays its PlayStation 2 origins instantly and compared to some of the more ambitious HD updates on consoles is very much a halfway house between a straight port and a remake. There are improvements though, with more complex characters models (including five-fingered hands!), better lighting, and a longer draw distance. If you’ve got a newer Android or tablet you also get dynamic shadows and reflections, as well as a more reliable frame rate.

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